Recruitment Fraud

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What is recruitment fraud?

Recruitment fraud is a growing trend where scammers post fake job listings or reach out to unsuspecting people with the false promise of being hired by a a在线视频v视频. In most cases the scammers will pretend to be from well-known companies. The scam aims at getting personal information such as social security, bank account or credit card numbers from unsuspecting people.

Often, the scam will ask a person to make a payment for costs such as plane tickets for interviews, background checks or office equipment that will be shipped to the person being scammed. The scammer then pockets the cash and breaks a在线视频v视频 with the unsuspecting person. Scammers might go so far as to create dummy websites that resemble employee portals for the well-known companies they are pretending to be.

What the applying and hiring process typically looks like at Raytheon Technologies

  • All jobs applicants will apply through our corporate website applicant portal.
  • Recruiters might reach out to applicants through email to make initial a在线视频v视频, but the online application will always be done on our website.

What the applying and hiring process never looks like at Raytheon Technologies

  • Job applicants will never be asked to apply on a non-Raytheon Technologies site.
  • Raytheon Technologies never ask for a social security number before the applicant has accepted an offer. In some circumstances, we are required to validate US Government Security Clearance, and therefore a recruiter will a在线视频v视频 you directly to obtain personally identifiable information prior to an offer.
  • Raytheon Technologies will never ask for any form of payment from a job applicant, candidate or new employee. There will never be a fee for plane tickets for an interview or office equipment.

Raytheon Technologies takes no responsibility for recruitment fraud. We recommend that all job-seekers educate themselves on fraudulent practices so they do not become a victim.


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